The Meritocrats

I’m no Elon Musk or Albert Einstein Therefore I ain’t worth much We plow their fields to feed them Cultivate their coffee so they can be productive Their wings span wide They soar high into the sky Come back to regurgitate into our mouths their new miracles Our wings are broken and deformed They live … Continue reading The Meritocrats

Man on the brink

He arrived at the station 4 minutes late for his train. He decided to come back tomorrow, since it was the only departure for the day. Next morning, he arrived 2 minutes late. He was angry at himself, but there was nothing he could do. The next day, he arrived 1 minute late. He took … Continue reading Man on the brink

Cyberpunk as a Romanticized Version of Third-World Countries

Typically in cyberpunk-themed games, the action takes place in a future where corporations pretty much took over and now run society. The players play mercenaries that get hired by those corporations, or sometimes by organized crime, to do special assignments for them. Generically speaking, one corporation will hire the mercenaries to perform some actions that … Continue reading Cyberpunk as a Romanticized Version of Third-World Countries